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Fault in Multicar Pileups

Determining fault is the most important factor in a Phoenix multicar accident. Usually, blame rests on either the first car or the last car. It’s vital to have an officer respond in an accident like this, because the police report usually cites which car is at fault as it attempts to explain how the accident occurred. It may not always be one car, either. Sometimes two or more cars share the blame for a multicar accident.

However, that doesn’t mean insurance companies won’t try to blame the other drivers involved for following too close. Even if you are deemed to be at fault for a multicar accident, it’s still possible to challenge the decision to get your percentage of fault thrown out or reduced to a lesser percent.

In any accident, you can use your smartphone to gather additional information that can help the insurance company determine fault. Taking accident photos or video, or asking bystanders for video, can provide additional clues. If the other insurance companies call or send you letters, refer them to your insurer or your attorney for details about the accident.

In Arizona, personal injury protection is an optional insurance feature that can protect you in a case like this. PIP coverage pays out maximum benefits for injuries regardless of who is at fault. But since it’s not required, you need to contact your insurance provider to find out if this is something that is necessary in Phoenix.

The personal injury attorneys at Lewis and Pokora can help you fight blame in a multicar accident. Call today for a free consultation.

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