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Finding Witnesses to Your Accident

Car accidents can leave you angry, confused, disoriented, and even unconscious. As a driver, it’s impossible to know what really happened during your accident. To make matters worse, loss of consciousness or head trauma can wipe away any memory of the events, including those who witnessed the accident or helped victims.

It’s imperative to have witness testimony in a car accident when the courts are involved, or when you are trying to challenge the amount of fault you bear. So what happens if you can’t find the witness to your accident?

A police officer responding to the accident usually takes down witness information. If you are in contact with a witness before the police get there, you can ask for information such as the person’s name, phone number and address, but the witness does not have to comply. However, sometimes officers do not record all relevant information. Look for businesses in the area of the accident with large storefront windows to see if anyone saw anything, or make a note of security cameras that you see and who might own them.

You can use your smartphone at an accident site to take photos of witnesses and their business cards or contact information so you don’t have to write everything down or keep up with scraps of paper with important information on them.

If you are in an accident in which witness testimony may play a large role, the best thing you can do is obtain an attorney. Attorneys are skilled at finding witnesses using private investigation firms, local surveillance footage from security cameras or traffic cameras, or getting receipts from local businesses that the person might have patronized. A lawyer can also request information that a layperson would not be able to access.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at Lewis and Pokora can help you track down accident witnesses in your car accident. Call today for a free consultation.

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