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At Lewis and Pokora, we know that things sometimes just don’t go the way you want. All you wanted to do was have a drink at the bar down the street, and it turned into a drunken bar fight. Or maybe you have been accused — whether fairly or unfairly — of domestic violence. No matter what the circumstances that surround your charge of assault in Arizona, there may be substantial penalties. We help clients accused of assault, misdemeanor assault, aggravated assault, threatening and endangerment fight for their rights. With more than 20 years of combined experience, our skilled, professional Phoenix assault and battery attorneys are here to assist.

Types of assault in Arizona

Many years ago, assault and battery were two separate ideas — assault was the threat of violence to another person and battery was the actual attack or “touching” of another person. Arizona, like many other states, no longer makes such a distinction. In Phoenix and throughout the state, assaults fall into several categories, including:

  • Misdemeanor assault — This charge has a maximum sentence of six months in jail and a $2,500 fine.
  • Aggravated assault — This felony charge carries a penalty of 5 to 15 years in prison for a first offense.
  • Threatening — This charge includes intimidation and the situation of “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”
  • Endangerment — This is like “negligent assault,” and it has a maximum sentence of one-and-a-half years in prison.
  • Sexual assault — This sex crime also carries reputational damage with it.

No matter how trivial the charges might seem, you should contact a lawyer immediately — do not talk to the police when you’re arrested.

Felony charges for aggravated assault

Aggravated assault and sexual assault are considered felonies in the state of Arizona. While misdemeanor (or simple) assault has relatively small penalties, aggravated assault charges are extremely serious. The state will press charges of aggravated assault when the assault involves the use of a weapon such as a gun or knife; causes serious bodily harm; involves children, teachers, medical providers or the police; and in several other cases. If you injured another person while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may also be charged with aggravated assault — as with threatening a person with a weapon or dangerous item, even if you didn’t actually touch or attack them with it.

If you’re under investigation or have been charged with any kind of assault, contact our knowledgeable criminal defense team in Phoenix

It’s always best to obtain a lawyer as soon as you have an idea that you’re under investigation for an assault — waiting can irreparably harm your case and your future. If you’ve been arrested, contact an attorney immediately. Arizona has mandatory minimum sentences for certain crimes, such as aggravated assault, and even the first conviction will land you in prison for years. The Lewis and Pokora team can defend you, but you need to contact us online today or by telephone at 602.889.6666.

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