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What to do when you have been injured in an auto accident by a driver with insufficient insurance coverage

After an accident, medical bills can range from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If the driver responsible for the accident lacks proper insurance, your family’s financial future could be at stake. It is essential to consult with an experienced uninsured motorist accident lawyer from the law practice of Lewis and Pokora in Phoenix. We can help you to recover an adequate amount of financial compensation from the negligent parties and their agents, your own auto insurance policy — and possibly your health insurance if there are outstanding medical expenses in excess of the other policy limits.

Helping you obtain financial protection after an auto accident

A highly experienced legal team, Robert Lewis and Amy Pokora have the litigation skills and background to help you explore alternative avenues of financial recovery if the other driver is uninsured or underinsured. Our Phoenix underinsured motorist accident attorneys do everything we can — within ethical and legal bounds — to ensure that your family does not buckle under the burden of a severe personal injury or disability after a car accident. There are many alternative sources of financial recovery, some of which include the following:

  • Your own auto insurance policy. You may not know that your own auto insurance policy carries an uninsured / underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) provision. This means that if the other driver does not carry sufficient insurance to cover the cost of your medical care and treatment, your own insurance policy will cover the remaining costs up to its coverage limits. A UM/UIM provision may cover the cost of medical expenses as well as compensate you for wages lost as a result of missing days of work. Our uninsured and underinsured motorist lawyer in Phoenix can help you explore this legal option.
  • Your health insurance carrier. If your medical expenses exceed both the other driver’s auto insurance coverage limits and your own UM/UIM coverage limits, you can then look to your own health insurance policy to pay for any medical bills resulting from the accident. While your health insurance does not cover the cost of lost days of work or property damage, you can be assured that the cost of inpatient treatment, physical therapy, hospitalization or ongoing disability are likely to be covered by the health insurance carrier. A Phoenix insurance litigation lawyer from our firm can help you explore options.
  • Civil litigation. There are many reasons why a vehicle may be uninsured — but the most common reason is that the driver is unable to afford the insurance coverage premiums. In such cases, the negligent driver’s insolvency would make it difficult to recover money damages directly from the responsible party. But there may be alternative avenues to financial recovery, particularly in cases involving vehicle defects, drunk driving accidents or municipal negligence. A Phoenix uninsured and underinsured attorney at our firm can help you exhaust all available alternatives so that you receive the best possible medical care after a severe or debilitating accident and injury.

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