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Arizona Personal Injury FAQs

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At the law offices of Lewis and Pokora, our attorneys and staff sincerely care about the well-being of our injured clients and their families. Our firm takes pride in going above and beyond for our clients. If you need us to intervene, we refer you to doctors or medical specialists. We help with matters of property damage in car accident cases and long-term costs of injuries relating to medical malpractice. Our scope of representation does not end with a simple award of money damages. Throughout your case and in the months thereafter, someone from our firm follows up with you to ensure that you are receiving the treatment you need to recover from your injuries. For your convenience, we provide answers to common questions about personal injury law below:

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How do I know if I have a case?

You probably have a valid personal injury or wrongful death claim when you or a close relation such as a parent, spouse or child have been harmed or killed as a result of another person or business entity’s negligence or wrongdoing. If you are unsure if you have a case, consult with an attorney at Lewis and Pokora for a more fact-specific analysis of your claim.

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Should I wait to hire an attorney?
The statute of limitations reduces the time you have to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim from anywhere between 180 days after an on-the-job accident in the most strict cases to 2 years after you discover an injury in the most generous cases. The longer you wait to consult a lawyer, the more evidence could expire, become lost or misplaced in the years following the accident event ― and the more details that could be forgotten by the witnesses present at the scene of an accident. A lawyer can better represent your interests if you call sooner rather than later.

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What do I do if the insurance company calls after I have been injured?
Talk to an attorney first. Often the insurance company will call you directly to try to settle. The reason for this is that insurers know that they can settle your case for less money if there are no other lawyers involved. You might end up accepting much less than you deserve for your injuries or wrongful death loss without an attorney there to advise you. Consulting with an attorney usually costs nothing, and most ethical lawyers will not waste your time or their own by taking on a case that they feel they cannot negotiate or litigate with reasonable success. Contact Lewis and Pokora if you have questions about your recent injury or wrongful death loss.

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Will I meet with an actual attorney at the firm?
Yes. Our attorneys believe that we have an ethical obligation to our clients. We handle all of the initial consultations ourselves, and in the subsequent months, you work with our skilled lawyers and our on-staff paralegals directly in order to pursue justice through the appropriate channels. Our firm makes it a priority to keep you informed of the status of your case and the progress we have made while moving your case forward.

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How much does it cost to hire an attorney at your firm? (What is a contingency fee?)
Nothing! Our fees are contingent upon whether or not you obtain a settlement or money judgment. Our legal fees are calculated as a percentage of the recovery you win, and our billing practices are closely regulated by the rules governing attorney fees in Arizona. Moreover, we advance all of the upfront costs of taking your case to trial. Call for your free consultation today.

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