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Understanding your bankruptcy options

Bankruptcy allows you to discharge portions of your debts for pennies on the dollar and gives you a fresh grounding from which to rebuild your credit. If you need help deciding whether to file for bankruptcy, a knowledgeable Phoenix bankruptcy lawyer at Lewis and Pokora can advise you on your options. We’ll provide you with the honest legal advice and steadfast representation you need to successfully take charge of your financial situation. Our scope of practice encompasses the following:

  • Personal bankruptcy — When you can no longer keep up with your credit card bills and household expenses, filing for bankruptcy may be the best option available to you. Depending on your income, expenses and debt-to-asset ratio, a Phoenix consumer bankruptcy attorney at Lewis and Pokora can help decide whether Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy or Chapter 13 debt consolidation is right for you.
  • Business bankruptcy — When your business venture is experiencing financial troubles, talk to a Phoenix corporate bankruptcy attorney at Lewis and Pokora about your options. Depending on the circumstances, the business could be eligible for Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy, Chapter 11 business reorganization or Chapter 13 debt consolidation.

What to expect during a bankruptcy court proceeding

When you file for bankruptcy, a bankruptcy court judge decides how to handle your outstanding debt. Each creditor is entitled to different treatment, depending on whether its loans are characterized as secured, unsecured, dischargeable or nondischargeable. Once the final judgment is rendered, a bankruptcy trustee is appointed to handle the disbursal of the bankruptcy assets.

Throughout the proceeding, you are allowed to have a Phoenix bankruptcy attorney stand beside you as an advisor and advocate. At Lewis and Pokora, our attorneys assist with the following types of problems that commonly arise during a bankruptcy proceeding:

  • Creditor issues — Loans that are secured by personal property, such as mortgage loans and auto loans, may result in creditor threats to foreclose on the property or repossess the vehicle. Other debts such as credit card debt are characterized as unsecured debts, and may result in threatening or harassing phone calls from collections agents. If you have been a victim of creditor threats or harassment, it is vital to contact the experienced Phoenix consumer bankruptcy lawyers at Lewis and Pokora for legal help.
  • Tax and judgment liens — When a judge issues a court order allowing a creditor to garnish your wages or bank account, you may find it is harder to keep up with your other expenses. In such cases, a consumer or corporate bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix can provide you with the legal representation you need to appeal the court’s judgment and negotiate a more workable solution.
  • Credit-related problems — A bankruptcy filing may result in some adverse effects to your credit rating, but your rating should be restored within a few years after the bankruptcy filing. If you have questions about how a business or consumer bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix can provide you with fact-specific legal advice, talk to one of our lawyers today.

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